The thematic conference scope encompasses design optimization and inverse problems applied to Aerospace systems, with focus on aircraft and spacecraft. Aerospace design spans from discipline-level conceptual and preliminary design studies up to system level studies of complete aircraft or spacecraft.
Multidisciplinary analysis and optimization of conventional and novel configurations is sought. This includes the coupling of disciplines, such as acoustics, aerodynamics, heat and mass transfer, dynamics and control, performance and structural mechanics. The discussion of architectures of discipline coupling is also within the scope of the conference.
Focus on numerical optimization algorithms (deterministic or heuristic), discipline analysis models (high-fidelity, low-fidelity and surrogate models) and sensitivity analysis techniques is also desired.
The nature of the coupled design problems includes size, shape and topology optimization, using deterministic, reliability-based or robust design optimization approaches.


Given the thematic conference scope, the topics span five main scientific and technical areas, with sub-topics, as listed:

  • Aerospace Design and Integrated Systems
    • Unmanned Air Vehicles
    • Vertical/Short Take-Off and Landing Aircraft
    • Sailplanes, Ultralight and Flexible Aircraft
    • Electric and Hybrid Aircraft
    • Reusable Spacecraft
  • Systems Engineering and Integration
    • Autonomous Systems
    • Optimal Control
    • Systems Integration
    • Obstacle Detection and Avoidance
    • Trajectory Optimization
  • Discipline Analysis Models
    • Acoustics
    • Aerodynamics
    • Materials and Structures
    • Propulsion, Energy and Heat Transfer
    • Flight Dynamics, Control and Simulation
  • Multi-Disciplinary Optimization
    • System Data
    • Decomposition Architectures
    • Visualization and Computational Environments
    • Approximation and Surrogate Models
    • Design under Uncertainty
  • Design Optimization
    • Optimization Algorithms
    • Sensitivity Analysis Methods
    • Shape and Size Optimization
    • Topology Optimization


The AeroBest 2021 conference will be held exclusively online, in a 100% virtual format.

Colibri, a web collaboration environment, will be used to enable participants to log on to the virtual conference sessions using Zoom. Detailed instructions how on to access the video-conference will be provided to registered participants.

While we had previously planned for a traditional on-site conference at the Instituto Superior T├ęcnico (IST) of the University of Lisbon, inside its main campus in Lisbon, Portugal, we settled on a virtual conference format given the uncertainty of the on-going Covid-19 pandemic.

Future post-Covid19 sightseeing opportunities

Portugal is known for its warm hospitality, vast cultural heritage, above-average safety, good climate and delicious food. In future editions, we hope welcome you in-person. In the meantime, find some attractions in and outside Lisbon that will be waiting for your visit in 2023(?).